Harrison Mclean
Entrepreneur Blockchain Architect Libertarian Populist Futurist Developer Technologist Cypherpunk


Neutral Monetary Policy
Consensus At Scale
Immutable State Information
Permissionless Access
Censorship Resistance


Individual Freedom
Economic Freedom
Direct Democracy
Freedom of Speech

Social Networks

Open Social Protocols
Community Governance
Data Sovereignty
Content Monetization
Generative Media Tools

World Wide Rally For Freedom Melbourne Review

MELBOURNE – The World Wide Rally For Freedom was organized as an International Event that took place in over 100 cities, including Melbourne, on Saturday, the 20th of March, 2021. This groundbreaking event formed out of an emergent collaboration with groups around the World, and was coordinated by the founding…


The Human Race, through its continuing advancement and in the pursuit of greater opportunity, sets forth an intergenerational establishment of common principles to be preserved for the benefit of all that descend from us.