About Harrison

Harrison Keith Mclean (Born 1996) is an Australian Entrepreneur and Innovator.

In 2018 he co-founded WeYouMe, a decentralized social media Blockchain protocol.

Coming from a physics and computational science background after studying at Monash University, Harrison set out to develop products and solutions that enable the preservation of Human Freedom at scale.

Harrison is a Libertarian Activist, and vocal proponent of Individual and Economic Freedom, through the application of technological and political decentralization.

As an early adopter of Bitcoin, Harrison found that entrenched power structures could be peacefully disrupted through the deployment of protocols that enable greater flow of information and value.

As an early user of Steem in 2016, Harrison learned that the applications and adoption of decentralized social media platforms could be extensive, and rival established social networks, given sufficient improvements to the protocol’s incentive structure and application user experience.

In 2016, he authored the WeYouMe Whitepaper which described how a powerful social media protocol could be built that can preserve Human Freedom through censorship resistance, and user sovereignty.

In 2020, Harrison was a vocal supporter of Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Health within the city of Melbourne, the subject of harsh and totalitarian public lockdown policies, which he vehemently opposed.

In response to the polices of the Victorian Government, Harrison helped launch the World Wide Rally for Freedom in Melbourne and around Australia to pushback against the encroachments on Victorian Freedom.

In 2021, Harrison wrote an Australian Bill of Rights, to act as a guide for the establishment of a modernized approach to the preservation of Freedom in Australia, through a constitutional amendment.

Harrison’s ongoing work continues to develop and launch the WeYouMe Blockchain Protocol to enable all people to share information and value freely, and to build the Australian Freedom Movement into a viable political force in defense of Individual and Economic Freedom in Australia.